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stripninjaspiff's Journal

9 November
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Im Abishai. I wear every color but my favorite is red. If theyre not levis 511 or 507 I dont wear em. I love my friends. ALL of them. I grew up on disney. I have retarded hair. I love anime. I like girls of all types. Ive been called a scene kid. I dont see it. I cosplay. I longboard. You got beef, come get ground. I collect kicks. I draw. I play video games, and i dont mean MADDEN. I make clothes. I take MMA. I try to keep my head up. Money is the root of all evil,and at times i am corrupt. I currently have 3 jobs. I cook my ASS off. I can sew,and YES I'm straight. I want to move out. I love my friends.enough to say it twice. I hang out at Mcdonalds so much that i get free food. I have tattoos AND piercings that your mom wouldnt approve of,and manners that would make her invite me for dinner. Im Abishai. Now text me if youre not a chicken. (240)431-7185~~send me picsssss.