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And as your story fades from my skin,I wait calmly smiling for your lips to write the next chapter.but in THIS story there are no plot twists.Only slivers of dusty sunlight illuminating laughing faces and half-eaten pancakes.Ruffled blankets and mid-morning TV thats barely watched between kisses and listening to each others heartbeat.Good days are rare,and perfect ones even more so.So in finding this accidental treasure,I owe you my thanks,but Im afraid youll have to settle for more affection.Against better judgement as always,for affairs of the heart are never about such rational things as logic or judgement.I carve initials into trees as you carve yourself into my most treasured memories,But since the future cannot be etched in this manner,I fnid myself becoming the author of our next book together.The illustrations have yet to be drawn and still i find myself turning blank pages in anticipation and my heart jumps.And as your story fades from my skin,I wait,quietly seething,to write the next chapter upon yours.


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